Busines consulting company focusing on global trade, commerce and investment established in 2012

Business Area

1. Tax-effective global supply chain

2. Trade & customs, FTA, VAT, HS number-change, laws related to import

3. Non-resident customs clearance, customs representative & tax representative

4. Buying agents

5. Tax audit, customs audit

6. Global company channels’ structure
     (e.g. Japan subsidiary -> subsidiary in Singapore and Japan branch or subsidiary in Singapore and international servicer company in Japan which Japanese consumption tax is refunded) 

7. Corporate tax

8. Inheritance tax with foreign property

9. HS number change analysis, obtaining advance ruling, negotiations with customs, disputes, 
Research and permit/approval of other laws and regulations regarding non-tariff barriers

Recent focusing businesses
☆Bad debt and tax related to Covid-19
☆E-Commerce business structure from the viewpoint of legal, tax and trade
☆Tax- effective asset management company for foreign people/company, especially from Hong Kong and from Taiwan